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Tsai Ing-wen: Taiwan will continue fighting for international space

Tsai greeted the delegates at the Presidential Office Building

Tsai greeted the delegates at the Presidential Office Building (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — President Tsai Ing-wen told representatives from allied nations in a meeting on Thursday that Taiwan will not give up fighting for international space.

The president welcomed a delegation comprising allied United Nations (U.N.) members at her office building, where she said participating in the U.N. has long been a common aspiration of the Taiwanese people, CNA reports. Tsai told the delegates that Taiwan has the capacity to make much greater contributions to the world.

Representatives of the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu and eSwatini were in attendance. Tsai thanked each of their respective governments for continuing to support Taiwan in the U.N.

Taiwan will continue its push into global fora, Tsai stated. Its allies provide a vital link to the international community, and as such, Taiwan has strengthened exchange and cooperation with them over the past two years.

Tsai said every interaction brings Taiwan and its allies closer, and hopes the visit provides the delegates with a deeper insight into Taiwan’s politics, economy, promotion of green technology, and experience in sustainable development.

Together, more opportunities for cooperation can be uncovered, she stated.

Tsai said that today’s globalized world necessitates increased interaction between citizens of different nations. Sustainable development goals, global health security and even aviation safety issues need to be worked on cooperatively, she said, and “Taiwan should not be excluded” from this robust, collaborative network.

Tsai told the delegation Taiwan is eager to cooperate with its allies on measures for a sustainable future; whether it be in the green energy industry, medical care, agricultural technologies or resilient cities.

Taiwan will continue to increase informational exchanges, promote plans for cooperation, and accelerate the implementation sustainable development goals, she said.