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About Us Tung Shan Pen Co., LTD. was founded originally by President Tsai Hsieh Yi in Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C.) in 1994. It progressively took over the Taiwan market as it grew to the best Investment Casting Corporation in Taiwan. In October, 2002, Tung Shan Pen Co., LTD. moved to Binh Chuan Industrial Zone, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, and renamed itself Tung Shan Pen VN CO., LTD. In July 2008, the second factory, Tung Shan Pen VN 2 Co., LTD. will open in My Phuoc No. Three Indusrial zone, Bencat County, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. Our annual produce amount will be 1800 tons thereafter.

We mainly focus on producing stainless steel plumbing fittings and valves. We also take customized order request. Now, we have become one of the most professional stainless steel casting producers in Vietnam. Our products are exported to many counties such as Japan, Taiwan, and the United States.

Our quality enhancement and services department has many experienced professionals and specialists. We have built a mutual relationship and exchanging techniques with the same industry professionals. T.S.P. (Tung Shan Pen VN Co., LTD.) has developed a detail and standardized production process, advanced quality control procedure, and owned many delicate types of equipment, such as Spectro Analysis Instrument. In production, we have never stopped developing our techniques to keep up with the fast changing world. We have also created a complete system of quality guarantee system to represent our absolute respect to our clients.

T.S.P.’s core business beliefs are the creativity, high quality, and excellent reputation. We use advanced techniques, rigid management, superior qulaity, and high-standard serivce to earn support and respect among clients. Through years of work, we have grown to provide wide variety of products. We are a fast growing corporation with in-depth professional knowledge and challenging spirit. We would like to prvoide our service to you and be your most sincere friend on your way to success.




東山本責任有限公司於1994,由蔡協義董事草創於台灣省台中縣大雅鄉,本公司在不斷的茁壯成長之下, 成為台灣區最出色的鑄造工業廠之一. 2002年十月遷廠至越南平陽省順安縣平準工業區, 並譯名為 Tung Shan Pen VN CO., LTD. 並於2008 年落成東山本第二生產廠位於平陽省檳吉縣美福三號工業區, 於七月正式啟用, 預估年生產量將成長為1800 .

東山本公司致力於不鏽鋼類的管接頭配件, 閥門及各類不鏽鋼產品鑄造的開發, 研製,生產及銷售. 東山本公司更是目前越南專業鑄造產品的生產商之一, 產品遍布日本, 台灣, 越南及美國各地.

東山本公司擁有許多從事本行業的專業人士及技術人才. 並長期與許多國際同行保持頻繁的技術交流與合作, 另外本公司擁有完整的生產流程, 先進的品質監控程序及光譜分析儀等精密檢測設備, 於技術上具備了雄厚的資本, 並發展出完善的品質保證體系,以示對客戶絕對的負責.

本公司始終秉持著創新, 高品質以及信譽保證的企業宗旨. 在生產經營活動中, 以先進的技術, 嚴格的管理, 卓越的品質, 完善的服務贏得了客戶的廣泛支持和高度好評, 樹立了良好的形象和商譽.

經過全體員工的努力不懈, 我們在本行業裡己經成為技術超前,類別最齊全, 產品最廣泛, , 以及極具競爭力的新興企業, 我們願以誠心協助您,並成為您永久的事業夥伴.